Animal Idle 3D

In exchange for hearts, adopt animals, increase the number of animals and heart production. Have a variety of animals by opening different environments.

Our first game in the form of Idle Clicker, which we developed to convey the awareness of animal loving and responsibility to the target audience.


About Us

Forge Games was founded by 4 long-time friends who have been developing games since 2017 As Forge Games, which received seed-investment from WePlay Ventures with a valuation of 2.6 Million TL in early 2021, we plan to launch entertaining and connective games, expand our studio and content type in the near future.

Meet a young team with high dynamism.

Our Team

Can Ahmet Yılmaz - Forge Games

Canahmet YILMAZ
Co-Founder – Game Artist

Mehmet Murat YILMAZ
Co-Founder – 3D Artist

Melih TUNÇ
Co-Founder – Game Developer

Şamil Özçelik - Forge Games

Co-Founder – Game Developer

Users reviews

- ``Animal Idle 3D`` was a game where I spent most of my time having fun.
Effey Saraccho ( Animal Idle 3D )
- I don't understand how time passes when you go from place to place by public transport.
Gabriel Troy (Follow The Numbers)
- It is very enjoyable to win hearts and own a lot of animals! I really feel like I have a lot of animals, I'm in charge of them.
David Mure ( Animal Idle 3D )
- A beautiful and fun game for animal lovers. Animals that you can't feed in your home do tasks on your phone!
Jack Selcho ( Animal Idle 3D )
- Different from boring puzzle games! It's definitely worth downloading.
John Mecho ( Follow The Numbers )
- All you have to do is follow the numbers. Very good!
Poly Tell ( Follow The Numbers )

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